Find out if you can build an ADU on your property

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. Also known as tiny home, granny flat, in-law unit, or garage apartment.

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Can you build an ADU?

Building an ADU is strenuous, and getting the hard questions answered is even more difficult

Does my area allow this?

Zoning & Permitting: Determine your property's zoning requirements and identify the necessary permits for ADU construction. Our expert guidance simplifies the process, ensuring your project stays compliant with local regulations.

Is my lot big enough?

Size: Explore various ADU size and layout options to maximize functionality and optimize space. Our design specialists assist you in tailoring the perfect ADU plan to suit your needs and property constraints.

Can I afford this?

Cost: Estimate your ADU project's overall expenses, considering factors such as construction, permitting, and utility connections. Our cost analysis tools help you make informed decisions and prepare a realistic budget.

How do I build ADU?

Construction: Learn about the construction process, timelines, and best practices to bring your ADU vision to life. Partner with our network of trusted builders to ensure a seamless, efficient, and high-quality build.

Explore the possibilities with Casandra

Convert your garage
Build a guest house in your backyard
Convert a part of your house

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building an ADU on their property

Rent out for profit

Rent out your garage as an apartment and generate profit from the rental income.

Maximize your home's value

Make your efforts pay off by having your house appraised and increase the value of your home.

Take care of your loved ones

Having a grandmother living in the apartment is a great way to ensure she is safe and well cared for.

Learn how our co-founder & CMO, Precious,
built an ADU in her backyard as featured on CNBC Make It.

Ready to know for sure if you can build an ADU?

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Common Questions

What is an ADU and how can you help me build one?

How can I determine if my local area allows for ADU construction?

What does the construction process for building an ADU look like?

What is included in your feasibility report for building an ADU?

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