ADU Feasibility Report

With the Casandra Feasibility Report, you can confidently embark on your ADU journey, knowing you've got a solid foundation and a clear roadmap to success. Let us help you transform your space into a functional, comfortable, and profitable asset today.

Here is what the ADU Feasibility Report includes:

Consultation with an ADU expert

Preliminary pre-approval* from your city/county

Sample floorplans and renderings of your ADU possibilities

List of requirements & next steps to get your project started

Embark on your ADU adventure with Casandra ADU, and make the most of your property's potential without the stress or hassle.

Begin Feasibility Analysis

* the pre-approval is contingent upon your project meeting local building, zoning, and planning requirements.

Our Process

Following submitting your request,

We analyze your property records

Set an initial touchpoint with you

Deliver your feasibility report

Review details and next steps

Ready to know for sure if you can build an ADU?

Our feasibility report answers those confusing questions so you can finally stop racking your brain, and get started with your project

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